27 de mayo de 2009

New Spanish Album Confirmed September =)

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado popped up on MuchMusic’s “MuchOnDemand” in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday (May 26) to promote electro-dance band Fritz Helder & The Phantoms, the first act signed to her label Nelstar Music.

While there, she revealed that she is working on a Spanish album for release in September. We’re still crossing our fingers for a Nelly-Missy Elliott joint album.

Nelly Furtado Nelly Furtado and Fritz Helder

Nelly @ Much Music studios in Toronto

Nelly Furtado At Much Music

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Nelly Furtado took over the Much Music studios in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday for the Much On Demand show. Much Music is alot like MTV but the cool Canadian version. Well, it used to not be so cool but now it’s caught up to the American quality.

Nelly is looking amazing. She is one of the hottest Canadians ever. Nelly is getting set to release a new album in September and this time it isn’t in English it will be in Spanish. I have always loved her music. I might have to learn Spanish and pick up this one too.


25 de mayo de 2009

Nelly Furtado launches label in Toronto

Nelly Furtado launches label in Toronto
Monday, May 25, 2009

Nelly Furtado officially launched her new record label in Toronto over the weekend.

Nelly was in the city to celebrate her new label Nelstar as well as the first act she signed, electro band Fritz Helder and the Phantoms.

Addressing the crowd, Furtado said, “Thank you all for coming it really means a lot it’s huge huge tonight.”

Fritz Helder’s debut album, Greatest Hits, will be released on July 7th.

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10 de mayo de 2009

Revista el mañana Califica a Nelly Furtado como una de las mejores Madres :D


CIUDAD DE MÉXICO.- Madres amadas y amorosas en el mundo son todas, o casi todas... y ejemplares también, entre ellas algunas del dominio público, como Nelly Furtado, Heidi Klum, Sharon Osbourne, Michelle Obama, la Reina de Jordania y Kate Winslet.
  • Niña Pastori,
  • cantante

"Últimamente he trabado amistad con Nelly Furtado, y ¡Dios!, me parece una mamá genial, muy cool. Su hija (Nevis) siempre está en primer plano y no la descuida.

Nelly trabaja demasiado, y lo hace para darle un gran futuro a su niña. La admiro porque combina a la perfección su vida personal y su vida profesional".

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4 de mayo de 2009


Fritz Helder and the Phantoms and SheDoesTheCity.com present the Fritz Helder & the Phantoms: “Platinum Edition” (LIVE) CONTEST.

Fritz Helder & The Phantoms wants to invite YOU to their VIP exclusive media event hosted by Nelly Furtado at the Red Bull Space on May 22 AND a look-a-like photo shoot with the band to be featured in their monthly online magazine MODA CINQUE AND a Fritz swag bag!

Only four lucky winners chosen by the band will be sent V.I.P. invitations (one per winner)! Yup. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Send a love letter, funny note, poem or rap of who you love in the band! Entries must be received by May 15, 2009.

Contest runs May 1 – 15, 2009! Invite your friends to enter too!

Exclusive event details:
Date: May 22, 2009
Time: 6.30pm-10pm
What: Fritz Helder and the Phantoms: “Platinum Edition” (LIVE) at the Red Bull Space.
Hosted by: Red Bull, Nelstar Music and House of Helder.

Submit your fan-tastic love AND CONTACT INFO to: contest@fritzhelder.com.


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