30 de julio de 2008

Gustavo Santaolalla Could be the new producer of nelly's new spanish album [Rumor]


Actualmente está asentado en el estado de California (Estados Unidos). Se rumorea que Nelly Furtado lo ha buscado para la producción de su nuevo álbum completamente en español.

At the moment it is seated in the state of California (United States). It is murmured that Nelly Furtado has looked for it completely for the production of its new album in Spanish

24 de julio de 2008

Lucho Gatica will colab with Nelly Furtado

El cantante chileno Lucho Gatica, quien a punto de cumplir 80 años, lanzará un nuevo disco el año que viene. Su nuevo disco el cual contendrá 10 pistas, con 10 invitados ya confirmados, entre ellos Nelly Furtado, Michael Bublé y Andrea Bocelli.

La canción que el cantautor chileno interpretará con Nelly se llama 'Historia de Amor' (canción original del cantante pañameno Carlos Almarán), Gotica dice de la canción: 'Furtado le dará un toque pop'.

La canción aún no ha sido grabada, pero el equipo de Nelly dice que están buscando una fecha disponible para grabar su parte.


The Chilean singer Fights Gatica who about to turn 80 years, you/he/she will throw a new disk next year. Their new disk which will contain 10 tracks, with 10 companies already confirmed, among them Nelly Furtado, Michael Bublé and Andrea Bocelli.

The song that the Chilean cantautor will interpret with Nelly calls herself 'History of Love' (original song of the singing pañameno Carlos Almarán), Gothic he/she says of the song: 'Furtado will give him/her a pop touch.'

The song has not still been recorded, but the team of Nelly says that they are looking for an available date to record its part.


17 de julio de 2008

Vote For Nelly For The 2008 MTV VMAs

Vote For Nelly For The 2008 MTV VMAs

Vote For Nelly For The 2008 MTV VMAs

Voting for the 2008 MTV VMAs is about to get underway. Show Nelly your support and vote for her at http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2008/

Voting opens during FNMTV on Friday July 18th at 8PM EST and closes on the following Wednesday at 11AM EST.

16 de julio de 2008

Madonna Will Include Promiscuous Of Nelly Furtado

I find the set list of Sticky&Sweet Tour.
Madonna will use Nelly Furtado single - Promiscouse - in her tour in the single Vogue

15.07.2008, author: Yazid

Candy Shop
Beat Goes On
Human Nature

Video Interlude
Into The Groove
She's Not Me

Rain** (Video Interlude)
Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
Spanish Lesson
Miles Away
La Isla Bonita
You Must Love Me

4 Minutes - video
4 Minutes
Impressive Instant
Ray Of Light
Hung Up
Give It 2 Me

* with essentials 4 Minutes and Promiscous Nelly Furtado
** with essentials Here Comes the Rain Again zespołu Eurythmics

14 de julio de 2008

Nelly's Crisis in Moscow 13/07/08



Given the difficulties of translation, guard interested party, Timati and tour manager Furtado's good not been able to agree, yes, it seems, and did not want. Timur took hands and began to withdraw from the territory. This picture guard saw Nellie, who arrived in the state of rabies in a minute: this lawlessness at the concert, he and Nellie could not assume! Two guards and reper merged into a single komok - thought this is only true in cheap detective.

At that time, Furtado concert lasted. Nellie reported in the headphones: "Danger! Go away from the scene! "The singer and her musicians immediately if the wind sdulo. It was to see what was happening with it at a time when three Russian guards beat her bodyguard. Once seen actress returned to the scene wept - restrain emotions, it was above its forces.

At this time behind the scenes started this war. All that stood behind the podium near grimerki, was destroyed huge guards "urine" each other - literary word is happening and do not call. In the course went even iron fixtures: potasovke Timur smashed into a piece of tooth, tour manager rassekli forehead to the blood, and a guard, who was assigned to reperu, and is taken to hospital. A few minutes zakulise "Olympic" has evolved into Rus after the Mongol-Tatar invasion. The collected about twenty people the security services, OMON and SOBR.

-- I know whose hands this case - confessed LIFE.RU Timati. -- I think they will be punished.

-- That's all it was illegally Timati should not have to speak - said the organizer of the concert with Oleg rrossiyskoy hand. -- He came to SC to teach the singer a gift. We were not against, although who missed it in grimerku - is unclear. The fact that he will speak with Nellie, we learned at the last moment. Neither the sound-check, nothing. We, as organizers are endangered, if it fired at the scene ... Different audience, the more his speech no one expected. Artists were paid money for advertising. I myself ordered not to let Timati on the scene in that it was neither. Timati began to resist and engage in a fight - Western bodyguard entered for him. The Western managers apparently do not understand that we can not be so, everything must be agreed upon.

-- I do not know what happened - says tour manager Nellie - I would ask the Russian guards, what's wrong and why Timati not allowed on stage, and got hit in the eye. I knew that Timati should act. I am in this business 30 years, but at my age has never been such. It is pity that so available. No measures, we will not take. Nellie just in shock! The Russian organizers of the minimum cost explanations and apology. Nobody and nothing is not explained.

Hardly worth hoped that Nelly Furtado would remain pleasant impression of the Russian capital.

Nelly went off the stage in a concert crying and has returned 7 minutes after a apologies request.
[Nelly singing]
Hearing her anyone could imagine what was in her head, but Nelly Furtado has suffered a "nervous crisis" in Moscow, a stage that she always dreamed about.
Nelly got off the stage crying and left the stage empty for 7 minutes, and when the Portuguese-canadian diva returned to the stage she asked for apologies with humility,explaning herself

12 de julio de 2008

Wiesbaden 09.07.2008 HD videos!!!! Updated ^^

Video Codec = H264
Video Frame Rate = 30 fps
Video Bit Rate = ~6000 kbps
Resolution = 1280 x 720
Aspect Ratio = 16:9

Audio: (Audio is sometimes distorted, due to the high volume)
Audio Codec = aac
Audio Bit Rate = 96 kbps
Audio Sample Rate = 8 KHz

(Just right click and select save as.. on the download links...)



Say It Right:




All Good Things:




Give It To Me:


I'm Like A Bird:


If you are having Playback issues try one of the following players:
Videolan: http://www.videolan.org/
Mediaplayer Classic Home Cinema: http://xvidvideo.ru/

Thx so much to the6thday

Mirrors in FileFactory








10 de julio de 2008

Get Loose Tour Dresden 10.07.2008

Attached Thumbnails
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Click image for larger version  Name: Nelly7.jpg Views: 3 Size: 62.3 KB ID: 8039 Click image for larger version  Name: Nelly8.jpg Views: 1 Size: 62.3 KB ID: 8040 Click image for larger version  Name: Nely2.jpg Views: 1 Size: 81.3 KB ID: 8041

Thx to: monika

Nelly In Max Payne Movie First Trailer

I have the first trailer of the movie

i find this note BTW ¬¬

Payne será encarnado por Mark Whalberg, y Mona Sax será la bella Mila Kunis; quedando en papeles secundarios Lloyd Bridges, Chris O´Donnell y una desconcertante Nelly Furtado.

Payne will be embodied by Mark Whalberg, and Mona Sax it will be beautiful Mila Kunis; being in secondary papers Lloyd Bridges, Chris O'Donnell and a disconcerting Nelly Furtado.


New little change in the Nelly's Offcial Page

I just noticed taht the main page it has a little new style aw*

Just a few ¬¬

And the geffen logo is lost that is great and now is interscope

Anyone knows about this change of label?


9 de julio de 2008

Get Loose Tour Wiesbaden 09.07.2008

Reitstadion, Munich, DEU - 08.07.2008

Concert [22 HQ Pics]

More Pics: Click Here
Backstage [15 Pics]
More Pics: Click Here
I'm Like a Bird
Turn Off The Light
Powerless (Say What You Want)
Do It
Wait For You
Say It Right
Give it to MeGive it 2 Me (Madonna Cover)
Encore:Somebody To Love
No Hay Igual
All Good Things (Come to an End)

Thx to ninhas For the pics

Nelly Furtado, una gira con muchas 'exigencias'

Moscú. (EFE).- La cantante canadiense Nelly Furtado actuará el próximo día 13 en el estadio Olimpiski de Moscú en el marco de su gira mundial y contará con el último ganador de Eurovisión, Dima Bilan, como invitado especial.


Furtado, interpretará en el festival con Bilan la canción “Can You Get To Heaven”, que estará incluida en el disco estadounidense del ganador de la presente edición de Eurovisión.

El show tendrá efectos especiales de luz y el público podrá escuchar los grandes éxitos de la canadiense, así como el conocido single “Força”, himno oficial de la Eurocopa 2004.


New Design ^^

Celebreting the 300,000 hits on this blog, i though that was time for a change and now i have a little more time CUZ WE´RE IN VACCATIONS!!! , i decide to give to this blog a new look, I hope u like it.

U can suggest anything and i can take the advices ;)

Thx for visiting this site

Atte: FerzH

6 de julio de 2008

Bestfest 2008 Resume

Video up there

Nelly Furtado - All Good Things... (Bestfest 2008)


Nelly Furtado - Say It Right (Bestfest 2008)


Nelly Furtado - Try (Bestfest 2008)


Nelly Furtado - Maneater (Bestfest 2008)


Nelly Furtado - Give it to me live @ b'estfest Bucharest


Nelly Furtado - Glow live @ b'estfest Bucharest


2" Junta Club Nelly Furtado México

Se les informa que se ha decidido lugar y fecha para lo que será la 2ª junta del club oficial mas informacion en el link de abajo.


Club de Fans de Nelly Furtado En México

4 de julio de 2008

Nelly Furtado 4 July 2008

(1LQ+ 10HQ(untagged))

More Pics: Click Here
3.- Powerless (Say What You Want)
4.- Do It
5.- In God's Hands
7.- Afraid/Explode
8.- One Trick Pony (acoustic)
12.- Glow/Heart of Glass
16.- No Hay Igual

Thx to ninhas!!! and Jose XO

More 4th Album info 2

The article is written because she is today (4 july 2008) in Holland for a concert!!! This article is written by someone who works in a studio. Yesterdaynight she was with the German band Reamonn in Wisseloord studio 1. The have been jamming the whole night, and THEY HAVE RECORDED A GREAT TRACK, WHICH WILL BE ON HER NEXT ALBUM! Nelly was playing on a Furchgitar and was singing through a SE Gemini (no idea what that is).


3 de julio de 2008

More 4th Album info

The album will include some tracks that weren’t included in her album “Loose,” such as the song “Stars.” Furtado will be collaborating with Timbaland, Kylie Minogue, Keith Urban, and Justin Timberlake, with whom she already recorded the track “Crowd Control.”


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