31 de marzo de 2008

Ipod Spot

Soon i will put some ipod Videos [Mp4] So u can get nelly's videos everywhere :D

First i will Prensent u the File gadget u can download every ipod video that i post here :D

Here it is The Viva '06 Concert In Germany:

No se puede mostrar la imagen “http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/8158/filevv6.jpg” porque contiene errores.

Shit on the radio
Say it Right
I'm like a bird
No hay =
Turn Off The Light

29 de marzo de 2008

26 de marzo de 2008


El Dj Bob Sinclar ha estado dando a conocer nuevas mezclas desde su Myspace como lo fue con Don Stop The Music, ahora se revelo el remix de Love Generation que le hizo al exitoso tema de la Eurocopa 2004 Forca de la Interprete Nelly Furtado.
Si gustas de el buen Pop y la electronica, descargate esta excelente mezcla.

VIVA Germany 2006 HQ

http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/8158/filevv6.jpg01 - Powerless - 48MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
02 - Explode - 76MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
03 - Shit on The Radio - 67MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
04 - Say It Right- 74MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
05 - Try - 57MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
06 - I'm Like a Bird - 63MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
07 - No Hay Igual - 113MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare part1 | part2
08 - Promiscuous - 93MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
09 - Turn Off The Light - 102MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare part 1 | part2
10 - Maneater - 75MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare
11 - Força - 76MB
Megaupload | Rapidshare

Torrent: All Videos

Credits to : http://furtadonelly.blogspot.com/

21 de marzo de 2008

New!!! Tv Series Spot

One more Add will be this one when i will share my favorites Tv series with u all :D


Tv Series Spot

New!!! Movie Spot

I will add a new feature to my blog i will put some old and new movies that touch my life and some of them changed so i hope they can do the same for you :D


Enter To The Movie Spot

Nelly Furtado's Day Today The 21th Of March

VICTORIA, BC — The City of Victoria is proud to proclaim Wednesday, March 21 as Nelly Furtado Day. “We are thrilled to welcome home Victoria’s own Nelly Furtado!” said Mayor Lowe in making the announcement. “While Nelly has reached the apex of international music stardom, she continues to enjoy a special relationship with Victoria and has maintained close ties to this community. We all take great pride in her accomplishments and in claiming her as one of our own,” he added.

In recognition of her tremendous achievements, the City will be officially proclaiming March 21 as Nelly Furtado Day. This day corresponds with the opening date of the Canadian leg of her World tour in support of her latest multi-platinum album “Loose.” All local fans are invited to attend the official ceremony in Centennial Square at 12:00 pm, where Mayor Lowe will present Nelly Furtado with an official proclamation and gift on behalf of the citizens of Victoria. Mayor Lowe will be joined by Saanich Mayor Frank Leonard in making the presentation.

Mayor Lowe would like to invite all friends and fans to attend this public event and to join him in personally honouring one of Victoria’s most celebrated music ambassadors.


This is the first anniversary of that holy day that victoria give to Nelly on her special day :D & now the fans of Nelly can celebrate one more time just for her :D have fun this day ;D

I to celebrate i did a new makeover of the blog haha lol and add some new things later like gadgets and things u will see with the time ;D also there's a possible intention to search fo a co-worker :D so stay tuned ahh and soon will put all my afiliates again :D.

19 de marzo de 2008

Acoustic Versions CD

A Cd that have many song brought to you by MusikfresK, with the most recent hits of Nelly Furtado, in Acoustic Versions.

01. Maneater
02. All Good Things Come To End
03. Crazy
04. Hey Man!
05. Promiscuous
06. Try
07. I'm Like A Bird
08. Powerless
09. Tutn Off The Lights

18 de marzo de 2008

MTV estrena un nuevo conteo musical: Playlist [Participacion de Nelly Furtado ]

MTV estrena un nuevo conteo musical: Playlist [Participacion de Nelly Furtado mañana]
Un segmento diario en el que los artistas presentan los videos que más le gustan a ellos mismo. A partir del lunes 18 de febrero del 2008, de lunes a viernes a las 19:30 por MTV.

Click image for larger version  Name: 1.JPG Views: 5 Size: 27.4 KB ID: 7827 Click image for larger version  Name: 2.JPG Views: 4 Size: 36.9 KB ID: 7828 Click image for larger version  Name: 3.JPG Views: 5 Size: 27.5 KB ID: 7829 Click image for larger version  Name: 4.JPG Views: 3 Size: 21.5 KB ID: 7830 Click image for larger version  Name: 5.JPG Views: 4 Size: 36.1 KB ID: 7831 Click image for larger version  Name: x.JPG Views: 4 Size: 32.7 KB ID: 7832

21Th of March Surprises :D

Gr8t changes in the Nelly Furtado's Day stay tuned =)

Message From Nelly!!!!

Nelly has written this to her fans :D

Hello, and Happy Spring Break!

I wanted to say hello to all my fans old and new for their continued support of "Loose".
I just got back from Chile, where I performed at the Vina Del Mar festival. It was absolutely a dream come true. Thanks to all of the lovely people that I met. Thanks for your support out there in the crowd.

PS... My current obsession is Fritz Helder And The Phantoms. Check out the link! They are on tour now... Ready To Wear 2008......

Thanks for everything!!!!

Lots of Love,

Nelly xoxo


10 de marzo de 2008

Nelly Ofrecerá Concierto Acustico

Con motivo del Día de la Tierra este 29 de Marzo, más de 50 ciudades alrededor del Mundo se unirán para darle un mensaje al Mundo: Detener el Calentamiento Global. Por eso la organización Earth Hour promueve un simple mensaje, a las 8PM apaga las luces de tu casa. En varias ciudades del mundo habrán varios eventos y conciertos, apoyados por artistas y músicos. En Toronto (Canadá), Nelly Furtado dará un concierto acústico gratis en la Nathan Phillips Square, para celebrar junto a los asistentes el Día de la Tierra.

Como embajadora del Earth Hour, Nelly dará un concierto "desenchufado" durante el evento. Los organizadores harán del evento tan incarbono posible, incluyendo, hacer el evento con energía "verde".

Info: Nelly 4 FAns

7 de marzo de 2008

Nelly Furtado - Earth Hour

Nelly's campain to save energy and the earth , please Turn off the lights the 29th of march at 8:00 pm for one hour :D

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