30 de octubre de 2007


Jeje algunos archivos que grabe de los VMALA's 07 solo grabe cosas que me gustaban he...... pa que no me digan nada solo grabe estas cosas espero que tmb les guste :D


Avril - When ur Gone + Girlfriend

27 de octubre de 2007


Nuevo Cd de Britney sale el 30 de oct mundialmente
[USA version]
1. Gimme More
2. Piece Of Me
3. Radar
4. Break The Ice
5. Heaven On Earth
6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)
7. Freakshow
8. Toy Soldier
9. Hot As Ice
10. Ooh Ooh Baby
11. Perfect Lover
12. Why Should I Be Sad
aki les dejo el CD:

17 de octubre de 2007

Nelstar Pack

Les dejo este pakete con canciones que tengo de nelatar :D

Songs Pack

Loose Spanish Edition Compren YA

La nueva edicion de Loose ya esta a la venta en varios puntos de la republica y es mas posibble hayarlo en las teindas mixup :D que tambien lo pueden comprar por interent desde:

Finding T.A.T.U. The Movie (Preview)

La peli de las TATU ya mero sale xD ya esta en ultimas ediciones para "salir a la luz"

We've found t.A.T.u.!

The movie Finding t.A.T.u. is still being edited, but you can see its first shots right now! Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina not only chose their favorite photos from the movie set, but also shared impressions about their big screen debut - only for Yes!Stars.

Yulia: We're leaving Paradise club, where according to the script, our gig has just finished. It's funny, because the actual show was filmed in a different club - B1 - with real fans in the audience. And here we had professional crowd in the scene. So it didn't take much time to explain the crowd what to do. We also didn't need instructions: We're leaving our shows like that every time. We filmed this scene in just couple of takes.

Lena: We filmed just five minutes that day, but we were waiting for the shooting to start for 5 hours literally! It's good that my mom came with me that day, and Yulia took her dog Ricky with her and left it with me during lunchtime.

Yulia: Alexander Anatolyevich plays our producer. Actually there are much more people in western crews that film video or movie compared to our movie sets. Director has many assistants, they also have their assistants. That's why it's all so cool!

Yulia: Usuallly we don't need make-up artists and do make-up ourselves. But this is cinema. Light and make up are different: five layers of make-up foundation, eyes are strongly penciled. Natural eyelashes also won't be enough. I had to attach fake ones and then cut it a bit. It was quite a show..."

Lena: Mischa Barton has been through it when filming last scenes at the meat factory in Yaroslavl. Here she kind of returns to life she wanted to escape. Honestly, the scene is scary, I think I couldn't do it. I'd probably feel sick in such disgusting smelly surroundings. But Mischa rocks - she did it!

Yulia: Some episodes were shot in a country house on Rublebskoe Highway (luxury residential area close to Moscow - blog.tatu.ru). It's a house/studio of our producer Alexander Anatolyevich. There's nothing in his character from our first producer Ivan Shapovalov, they are two completely different people. And he didn't need to play Ivan. By the way, Sasha is a very cool actor.

Lena: One more scene in the house of our producer. Alexander Anatolyevich turned his back, Yulia and I are sitting and watching the video that Mischa Barton (plays Russian girl Lana) and Shantel Van Santen (plays American girl Jenny) created and uploaded.

Ver Pedazito de la peli xD

12 de octubre de 2007

Loose Spanish 4 dias +

La nueva edicion de loose llega el 16 de octubre solo 4 dias + y ya bueno para mi 6 porq tarda como 2 dias en llegarme Mañana hare mi pedido :D

Aviso (sugerencia)

Muchos De mis videos en la mayoria los TV-rips Son Archivos MP4 Nero Digital por lo tanto estos videos no se ven si no se cuenta con el codec o el reproductor Nero Showtime.

Si quieren gozar al maximo los videos que pueden obtener aqui solo descarguen el nero desde aqui:

(esta version es vieja comparada con la del nero 8)

O pueden descargar la version de prueba del Nero 8 que incluye el Nero Showtime 4

6 de octubre de 2007

News De TATU

La pag oficial anuncio esto recientemente

New Album and New video
The Russian album vocals are ready, with mixing and mastering scheduled for the beginning of November. Printing of the album could happen as soon as the end of November, dependant upon the strategy of the local record company.

On the 2nd October both t.A.T.u. girls Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina will leave for Los Angeles to shoot the video to their new single "Belyi Plashik" (White Robe). The single is taken from the upcoming album "Upravleniye Otbrosami" (Waste Management).

L.A. was chosen for the video location not because of the city, but because of the high level of quality and professionalism which can be achieved there. The city is a less prefereable choice for Yulia, who will be 6+ months pregnant at the time of shooting.

Instrumental pack


AOL live concert

AOL a Live

Nelly live in stripped session

aki algunos audios de este concierto

grax a oswaldo por el archivo xD

DO IT Remixes Pack

TURISMO - Lily Alllen

Lily Allen en el programa de TURISMO de MTV


5 de octubre de 2007

Toma mi mano - belanova Nuevo video

Toma mi Mano - Belanova U_U

Añadir a mi perfil | Más Videos

Nuevo video de belanova me encanta esta cancion es de su nuevo album "Fantasia pop"

Britney Teibolera

Nuevo video de britney Gimme More

Nelly y Jem juntas O.O

Aki la noticia original

Through 2006, Jem has been busy working on her new album, the highly anticipated follow up to Finally Woken, which is due for release in 2007. The new album is being recorded in Los Angeles and Detroit, with Jem once again writing or co-writing all the tracks on the album, and also adding her production skills. Jem has been working alongside hip hop producer Jeff Bass, one half of the sibling production duo The Bass Brothers. Responsible for much of Eminem, D12 and 50 Cent's best work, Jeff won a Best Song Oscar in 2003 for Lose Yourself from the movie 8 Mile, which he co-wrote with Eminem. Jem is also working with producer Lester Mendez, acclaimed for his recent work with Nelly Furtado and Shakira.

al parecer este año o el proximo veremos que han hecho estas 2 grandes artistas

Nelly en los Hip Hop Honors

More Pics...

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